Cryptocurrency news for the week #1

6 min readSep 24, 2021

Cryptocurrency news for the week #1

In todays blog I’m going to show you the good the bad and the ugly of the crypto news for this week. We have may news topics and pieces to cover today so make sure you read the whole article in order to be informed because a lot has happened. From small news pieces about adoption to whole economic events shifting the market a lot has happened for such little time. I will also be covering my opinions on the market and where it can be heading as well. So let’s now get into the rest of the blog article.

Companies adopting cryptocurrencies

First we’re going to start with the good news first. The we’ll get into the rest of the bad news further in the article. Some good news that came up this week was the fact that many companies were adopting cryptocurrency to their business model. One of which is AMC theaters if anyone remembers from earlier in the year when meme stock were still a big thing. Well this company is one of those and to top it off they’ve started accepting doge coin a meme coin itself and other cryptocurrencies. Which is great news because it means more and more American companies are accepting cryptos. Speaking of which another American company and social media giant twitter is now putting bitcoin tips as a action that can be done on the twitter app on IOS. A mainstream company everyone knows is adopting crypto this is just the beginning of it all mark my words.

Celebrities adopting and getting more into cryptos and NFTS

On top of all those companies adopting crypto we all have the celebrities doing it as well. Many of them are adding NFTS to their collection or even dropping collections of NFTS. The most famous of who are doing this are rappers right now. Those rappers that are doing these things are snoop dogg and rich the kid. With snoop being reviled as a NFT whale recently by himself on twitter. Then theirs rich the kids who had dropped his own NFT collection. Then we have tom brady whos a NFL player saying that he would like to be paid in cryptos such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. Which is great news as it means people who you would never think would be into crypto or NFTs is taking the steps to becoming a holder. Which just further proves my point that crypto is becoming mainstream as well as NFTs too.

Cardano summit

If you haven’t heard sometime between September 25th and the 26th the launch of the cardano summit is…


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